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Download our Android and iOS apps and start sending AfroMoji’s. You can either download our stand-alone black emojis apps or integrated keyboards.

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Get some of the funniest AfroMoji stickers to share with your friends!

Free Apps

All our AfroMoji apps are free to use and whether you are an Android or iOS user they will always be free to download.

Unique Designs

Our designs are unique so you will find no other app with our designs. And we continuously add more!

Easy Sharing

Our apps are easy to use. You simply tap on the sticker you wish to share and find the contact to send it to.

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For You

We felt that there was an entire group of people disconnected with the emoji culture and we’re fixing that gap.

All Apps

Our AfroMoji apps work with all social messaging apps (FB, Insta, Twitter & more) that allow image sending to other contacts.

More Gifs

Besides our own black emojis, stickers and other African American emoji, we also have selected animated gifs.

Get AfroMoji Black Emojis Now

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Afromoji Merch

Shop our new line of merch with the best Afromoji characters on high quality hoodies, tees & crew neck tops! Support the Afromoji movement.


We try to keep it interesting for you!

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About Afromoji

AfroMoji is an Android and iOS app which can be downloaded for free. It features black emojis, realmoji stickers, afro emojis, african american gifs & many more fun stickers to share with your friends. Your messaging and chatting will never be the same after you install the black emoji stickers app called AfroMoji. You’ll instantly love the African emojis and stickers as they are cool, funny and exceedingly original while also being versatile and interesting. This Afro emoticons app will surprise you with the quantity and universality and we never stop working to create the most unique and funny black African emoji, emoticons and stickers! So, keep our apps updated as we will be putting in even funnier and diverse black emojis with every update, to keep you happy and wait for fun surprises!