10 Female Black-Owned Businesses To Support This Month

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If you have been keeping up with news and social media, then you are no stranger to the wave of support for black communities and the need to create lasting change for people of color. While the political climate can be overwhelmingly hard to impact, many encourage ‘voting with your dollar’ in order to show solidarity and support. This is, in fact, one of the best ways to show support because it empowers black communities from within and gives business owners an opportunity to flourish and become active participants in where the economy is moving toward.

Here are 10 female black-owned businesses you can support this month:

Mented Cosmetics

KJ Miller and Amanda E.Johnson had the idea for Mented Cosmetics one day as they were enjoying some wine. For centuries, the beauty industry has been saturated with messages and images that only appeal to Western ideologies of beauty. The founders felt frustrated that they could not find lipstick shades for their skin tones and decided they could be the ones to create a change that would make people of all complexions feel like a priority in the beauty industry.

They provide a variety of eyes-shadows, lipsticks, brow liners, and other cosmetic products to make you feel beautiful and confident while still enjoying great quality. If you’d like to try some of their products, visit them at their website and find the perfect product for your needs!

Visit the Mented Cosmetics website


For those with curly or dry hair types, this is the perfect solution to keep hairstyles intact during rain. Hairbrella’s custom hats are waterproof on the outside while still satin-lined on the inside to protect hair from damage. This is the solution we have all been waiting for because an umbrella simply does not prevent moisture from frizzing up your perfect curls. Their hats are adjustable and stylish which are the perfect combination to maintain hairstyles while still feeling beautiful.

Visit the Hairbrella website


Klur is a fusion of luxury and science, delivering products that care for the health and cosmetic needs. Their simple solutions to skin wellness are not just designed to deliver a luxurious experience, but they are also eco friendly.

The aesthetician who created the organization wanted to create products that would have health benefits and long-term effects. She says that she wants her products to be ethical, inclusive, and clean. You can follow their page to see some botanical products, serums, body oils, cleansers, and other skin-care products.

Visit the Klur website


Aetaelle, pronounced A-T-L, is a clothing company that goes much deeper than fashion. Their designs compound hip hop, black excellence, urban culture, and a pride in Atlanta entrepreneurship. Their vibrant, thought-provoking graphic designs and comfortable fit exude a nostalgic and confident presence.

Moreover, their designs prompt important conversation, acting as a sort of social movement. If you visit their website, you will find caps, t-shirts, hoodies, and other clothing items that unapologetically convey a message of pride.

Visit the Ateaelle website

K’dara CBD

Forbes, Observer, and The Beat are just a few of the prominent organizations supporting K’dara CBD products. This company encourages natural health and wellness through pharmaceutical-grade CBD products. Their hand in wellness also extends to provide educational resources to empower people to attain the best quality of life through ingesting products that are apt to provide the body with the necessary nutrients for health.

Their products come in the form of gummies, creams, bath bombs, and oils. Fortunately, they also have products for pets!

Visit the K’dara CBD website

Harlem Candle Company

Their candles, room sprays, reed diffusers, and gift cards pack luxury into a product with a vintage aesthetic. Teri Johnson’s pride in the company stems from her love for fragrances, jazz, and appreciation for Harlem’s history. Every step of her process is intentional, thoughtful, and rooted in rich historical foundations such as Billie Holiday and the Harlem Renaissance.

If you want to support a company that provides historical significance, luxury, quality, and a beautiful fragrance, Harlem Candle Company might be the one for you.

Visit the Harlem Candle Company website

Coloured Raine Cosmetics

If you love to hear a story about an individual who gave up the appearance of success to pursue purpose and impact, you might love the story of Loraine R. Dowdy. Initially, she began in the financial industry before she realized that she wanted to do something about the gap in the beauty and cosmetic industry.

She wanted to break all beauty barriers by creating products that appeal to those who are often negated from mainstream beauty ideals, and provide products that are cruelty-free, diverse, and high quality. She not only embodies the goal of black inclusivity in her products but also in the team she chooses to join her company. All the employees in her organization are black and 75% of them are women.

Visit the Coloured Raine Cosmetics website

Grace Eleyae

Modern hair protection that actually works is the slogan of Grace Eleyae. Those with curly hair or hair prone to dryness understand the frustration of having to sacrifice fashion in order to properly care for one’s hair. Their products such as caps are lined with satin so that those wearing them can show up confidently while still protecting their hair from damage that can be caused by rougher fabrics.

Apart from being functional, their beanies, scarves, and baseball hats are also cute and stylish. If you had planned on buying a new hair accessory, be sure to scroll through their page and see what they have to offer!
Jumping Jax Taxes

This company is different from what has been mentioned so far, however, it is filling a huge need in the community. Jumping Jax Taxes uses technology to connect people with professionals in the area who can provide financial literacy and tax assistance. Their main goal is to bolster up generational wealth within families and keep money within communities.

If you’re not already in love with their long-term goal, you might fall in love with husband and wife Donnell and Dana Chanel! This couple is a good example of becoming a team that builds up each other and creates impact.

Visit the Grace Eleyae website

Black Girl Sunscreen

If the name doesn’t already give it away, perhaps their slogan will; Sunscreen made by women of color for people of color, because we get sunburned too.

While many sunscreens can dry and leave a tint on the skin, this brand dries completely clear so that it doesn’t affect your make-up look, or alter your complexion. Their products have been adopted in Nigeria, Essence magazine, and Target. They are plowing through barriers to provide skin protection for those who have not felt represented when it comes to sun protection needs.

Follow their page and get inspired!

Visit the Black Girl Sunscreen website