BLM Emoji

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As an emoji app for African Americans, during this difficult last few months, we’ve obviously added BLM emoji to the app. It can’t be said louder and prouder, but BLACK LIVES MATTER. To help you bring that message across to whoever needs to hear it, we’ve made it easy for you with some great black lives matter sticker designs.

black lives matter stickers

Stand together and use BLM emoji

Now more than ever, we need to unite as a community. Stand together to create one unit against the police violence that’s a regular occurrence in our community. Use the AfroMoji stickers to send a message via Instagram & Twitter. Send them directly to your friends, family, and contacts.

If there are more BLM emoji that you would like to see added, please send us a message via the contact form and we will make sure to add them for you!

we stand together

How to download our BLM emoji

If you would like to use our emoji stickers as we displayed in this blog post. Then go and download our free apps. Simply go to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and click download.

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